Monday, 12 December 2011

Selectric-based machines with data storage

In 1964 IBM alien the "Magnetic Band Selectric Typewriter" and in 1969, a "Magnetic Agenda Selectric Typewriter." These were sometimes referred to as the "MT/ST" and "MC/ST", respectively. The MC/ST was additionally accessible in a "communicating" adaptation that could challenge an IBM 2741 terminal or run its built-in Correspondence Code. These featured electronically-interfaced accounting mechanisms and keyboards and a alluring accumulator accessory (either band in a cartridge, or a magnetic-coated agenda the aforementioned admeasurement as an 80-column punched card) for recording, editing, and replaying typed actual at ca. 12-15 characters per second.

These machines were amid the aboriginal to accommodate chat processing adequacy in any form. They acclimated the aforementioned elements as accustomed appointment Selectrics.

In 1972, the "Mag Agenda Executive" was offered. Like IBM's beforehand typebar-based "Executive" models this offered proportional spacing, based on multiples of a 1/60" assemblage size. Unlike the assorted "Selectric Composer" models, there was no accouterment for ambience the apparatus to alter the letter and chat agreement to actualize justified copy. Some of the typestyles originally offered with the Mag Agenda Executive would after be fabricated accessible for the Model 50 cyberbanking typewriter, which accurate proportional agreement with 96-character elements.

IBM additionally awash a band clairvoyant that could be affiliated to 360 alternation mainframes, and would apprehend the MT/ST tapes. Thus a certificate typed on an MT/ST Selectric could additionally be entered into a mainframe abstracts file.

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